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The Goodwin Family

Pacific City Mini Session


On Thursday weather called for copious amounts rain on the coast, it was going to be cold, windy and wet... instead we got beautiful storm clouds, mixed with the bluest sky, a slight breeze and no actual rain (during our session at least!)

It was my second coastal session with Ria, Matt and Addison. Getting to see kids every year or so is so rewarding. So much more of their personalities shine through and to say Addie is a fierce young lady is an understatement. She is sweet, independent and obviously the perfect beautiful blend of her parents.

This girl loves the sand and water and I loved running alongside her to capture her and her family as is. We can give small children (heck, even fidgety adults) the guidance on how to pose or sit, but really they are going to maybe freeze for a second, likely not smile or give me a hard "cheese" face. Allowing people to be themselves and families to act as they normally do creates authentic photos that won't ever feel as stiff or forced. Let's let kids be kids!

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