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Welcome Oscar!

Give me all the newborns in their dreamy midcentury homes with the fog rolling in.

Something I have had to come to terms with being a photographer in Oregon, is that it can get real gloomy on non-rainy session days... like night-time gloomy. I have always been a natural light photographer. While I have a plethora of studio lights for emergencies, I am working hard to just let the noise in (literally the speckled rainbow colored noise that shows up on low-light photos) and let moments and weather happen as they happen. I don't like not having control of things (just ask the future Mr. Nicole Pelott Photography, he always witnesses me at my neurotic worst.) I can't tell you how many times over the last fifteen years I have left a shoot worried about how my lighting was, or whether or not I will be able to retouch something in the background away, I wanted to provide clean perfect images. While I am a superior retoucher, I'd just rather not do it. I don't want to spend hours on a session fixing every little thing. I want images to be appreciated and valued as is (I mean, I am going to fix up some things guys... don't start worrying about your blemishes and shiz.) Taking time off this year and starting back up in June has really helped me relax and see beauty in every day life, and I feel that really comes across in my photos now. I want to get all the sneaky moments, the unplanned laughs and non-forced smiles, I want the crying babies and the elated but exhausted parents. I want coffee cups in all the photos and baby skin to look like baby skin. Photographing Oscar and his parents was literally my newborn dream. He was happy, he ate, he cried, he cried some more, I got to swaddle him and even better, our rainy gloomy day ended up coming with a thick blanket of milky white fog.

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